• Accreditation of media representatives (hereinafter referred to as ‘Media’) to the Russian International Protocol Forum (hereinafter referred to as ‘the Forum’) shall be carried out in accordance with the Law of the Russian Federation ‘On Mass Media’ and hereby Rules in order to regulate the work of Media representatives at the Forum.
  • The right to accreditation is granted to journalists, photographers, and TV cameramen of Russian Media registered with the Federal Agency for Press and Mass Communications in accordance with the Law of the Russian Federation ‘On Mass Media’, as well as to foreign journalists accredited by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia.
  • Persons who are not media representatives, as well as representatives of advertising publications, catalogues, and internet portals may receive media accreditation by the decision of Forum Directorate.
  • The Forum Directorate reserves the right to limit the number of accredited journalists, and to refuse to provide accreditation to media representatives who provide inaccurate information about themselves, miss the deadline for requesting accreditation, or fail to comply with the working regulations at an event.
  • Media representatives wishing to cover the Forum must submit an accreditation application form (hereinafter referred to as the ‘Application Form’) to the following e-mail address: All fields of the form must be completed. Applications that do not meet the requirements outlined in this paragraph will not be considered. The accreditation process will begin on April 15 and end on May 25, 2019.
  • Registration of accredited journalists and issuance of badges is performed at the Media Registration desk, provided that the accreditation approval is stated in the database of the Forum Directorate, and upon presentation of suitable professional credentials.
  • An accredited Media representative enjoys the following rights:
    • to attend business and exhibition events;
    • to receive information about the program of events;
    • to film video or take pictures at the event venue;
    • to use all services available for journalists’ work.
  • Accredited journalists are obliged to observe the following rules:
    • to wear the accreditation badge throughout the entire period of work at the event;
    • to present, if and when requested, the professional credentials when performing their professional activities;
    • to refrain from interfering in the course of the event, unless it is organized specifically for the press;
    • to ensure validity of information;
    • to comply with the event rules, not to take pictures/filming if and when requested by the security staff at the event;
    • in the ready-to-publish/release materials featuring official information and/or quoting the event participants, give reference to the name of the event and the source of information
  • Accreditation does not provide access to events requiring special invitations.


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